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Multitek marketing & services, Ltd.

We are importer & distributors of sealed maintenance free automotive batteries. We are marketing batteries of world renowned brand ACDelco of America and Global of South Korea.
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Capacitor battery
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A battery is a device that converts chemical energy directly to electrical energy. It consists of a number of voltaic cells; each voltaic cell consists of twohalf-cells connected in series by a conductive electrolyte containing anions and cations
Group: Condenser units
Vehicles for coke oven batteries
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There are two types of batteries: primary batteries (disposable batteries), which are designed to be used once and discarded, and secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries), which are designed to be recharged and used multiple times.
Group: Machines for the service of coke batteries
Batteries for railway automation
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Batteries are classified into two broad categories, each type with advantages and disadvantages. Primary batteries irreversibly (within limits of practicality) transform chemical energy to electrical energy. When the initial supply of reactants is exhausted, energy cannot be readily restored to...
Group: Batteries for the railway automatic control engineering (batteries for railway)
Traction batteries
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Batteries come in many sizes, from miniature cells used to power hearing aids and wristwatches to battery banks the size of rooms that provide standby power for telephone exchanges and computer data centers.
Group: Accumulators, starter
Batteries for motorcycle technology
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me types of primary batteries used, for example, for telegraph circuits, were restored to operation by replacing the components of the battery consumed by the chemical reaction. Secondary batteries are not indefinitely rechargeable due to dissipation of the active materials, loss of electrolyte and...
Group: Batteries for motorcycle technology
Accumulator battery
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Primary batteries can produce current immediately on assembly. Disposable batteries are intended to be used once and discarded. These are most commonly used in portable devices that have low current drain, are used only intermittently, or are used well away from an alternative power source, such as...
Group: Batteries


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